About Us

Kidette is an online childrenswear boutique, bringing together brands from all over the world. From colorful patterns to neutral designs, we offer our customers a platform featuring an extensive collection of high-quality clothing for little ones. From sustainable to artisanal, Kidette offers a wide variety of high-end labels.

How it All Began…

We are a mother-daughter team. Our story began on a lazy Saturday afternoon in Spring 2014: while my mom and I were sitting in the living room of my niece’s home in New York City, I noticed that she was wearing the cutest and most stylish dress and at the same time was comfortably rolling around and playing in complete, unconstrained bliss. “Where did you buy this?” I asked my sister. “It’s so simple, easy-peasy and chic”. My sister smiled and said “Mom made it, of course.”

As we began to share ideas, we felt we had found an incredible source of inspiration. In all my seven years in the fashion world of THUY, my eponymous ready-to-wear label, it had never occurred to me to collaborate with my mom. But now, seeing our little niece happily playing in a dress that not only looked good, but also felt good for her to wear, it all began to make sense. So the idea for Debebe was born.

Together with my Mom, we simply want to create children’s clothes … our way: cool-looking clothes that both parents and kids will love alike.

Our Pinky Promise

We’re always on the lookout to bring something new to Kidette and offer a unique and eclectic variety of items each season.